Clare writes all our blogs on a weekly basis and I wouldn’t have it any other way! She is super calm and so quick to pick up on just what I need. Clare is also extremely patient and happy to fit in extra work at short notice too. A skilled writer and the perfect team player the dream combination!
Rebecca, Get Ahead VA

Clare has been writing for our property blog since February 2016. The entries are always informative and provide information that is interesting to read. It is clear that Clare has put research into her writing. Clare’s work attracts new visitors to our website and has also kept us ranking well in Google search for key search terms. I highly recommend Clare to anyone looking to outsource their blogging requirements.
– Aaron, Gough Quarters Lettings


Thank the Gods for Clare. Her dedication in tackling the first draft of my Ancient Egyptian historical novel – which runs to a humungous 150,000 words – has enabled me to breathe new life into my first draft edit. I have a much clearer idea how and where to cut; which characters to amplify; and which plot lines need tidying, dropping or strengthening. Her clarity has  helped me understand how to carve an unmanageable draft into something people might actually want to read. Her developmental report is nothing short of magic. Thank you Clare, so very much.
Angela Clarence

Clare Diston has done a first rate job of uncovering errors, jargon and confusion that has crept into the various editions of this book over some 26 years. Bravo!
– Allen, co-author of International Human Resource Management

I have worked with five or more editors and Clare is the cream of the crop and my editor of choice. Clare’s comments are easy to understand and follow, and I also love the fact that at times her comments are questions, to make you think and figure out what’s wrong with the highlighted text. Clare’s work is thorough and precise. Being a new author, I had a lot of questions that Clare always answered in a timely manner.
– Joseph Clay, author of Witch’s Dilemma

If it was not for Clare my book certainly would not look as good as it looks. At any time I could rely on her for advice and opinions, because honestly I’m not so good at English and I sometimes get lost in translation. Whenever there was something to do in the book, I was able to feel free to contact her, so with joint efforts we managed to bring it all into place. It was a pleasure to work with her and I hope that, if I decide to publish another book, we will work together.
– SV Cobets, author of Godeena

I work with Clare of Human Voices Editorial Services because she is someone I can trust and count on. Clare not only gives her best to sharpen your grammar and spelling, she goes beyond that: if she sees there is something inconsistent with your manuscript, she points it out. Working with her is easy and stress-free.
– Isis Sousa, author of The Night of Elisa and A Cold-Hearted Phoenix miniseries

Clare edited and proofread my novel and provided an efficient and friendly service you would be hard pushed to find elsewhere. She is thorough and diligent, and her experience as a reader was invaluable. I can honestly say without her support and professionalism I would not have published.
– Steven Clark, author of E’s Complaint

I enjoyed working with Clare when she copy-edited my autobiography. I found Clare’s work of excellent quality and thorough (with thought-provoking and helpful questions/comments) and I would highly recommend her.
– Ruth Smith, author


Amazing service! Fast, professional and with a great eye for detail. Perfect for our needs.
– Andrew, SurviveAlive Youthworks

I was really happy with the work Clare did for me. Quick and precise, she found little mistakes that can ruin an otherwise good piece of work, mistakes that can easily be overlooked. I will definitely use her again.
– Jeremy, Om Reiki Centre

It was an absolute treat to collaborate with Clare Diston on proofreading my first book. Her work reflected a thorough, refined education and skills. She went through the long manuscript with a razor-sharp eye, an intelligent open mind, and sustained alertness. Her suggestions and rearrangement were very astute, and her comments concise and unbiased. But it’s not only her qualifications that made it a positive experience; it was also that she comes across as a very disciplined professional: Clare was prompt, easy to communicate with, flexible, and committed.  
Rona De Ricci, author of Truth and Dare: A Memoir

I really want to say thank you so much to Clare Diston! I’m very grateful. As an international student, English is my second language and also a big headache to me. There were several challenges and disappointments along the way when I wrote my dissertation, but Clare is the great liberator to me in my final stage. I felt her work really cared about the detail of the manuscript, and Clare was so meticulous in her comments, it gave me much more confidence before I submitted my dissertation. Also, all of this was done exactly on time against a very tight deadline. Clare has done amazing work and I finally achieved the 2:1 degree with her assistance. I will definitely come to her again if I write complicated articles or assignments; also I will recommend her to anyone I can. Her work has incredibly high standards as well as reasonable costs.
– Joya, student

Since I was introduced to Clare my feedback has never been the same again. Her professional touch in all the work sent for proofreading has made a huge difference in my academic work. Her corrections allowed the essence of my messages to come across; as a result I was able to have the marks that the work deserved. Her work is highly recommended because of her professionalism.
– Victor, student