Hello, I’m Clare Diston. I am a short story writer, book lover and total space nerd. I write in lots of different genres, but it’s science fiction that really holds my heart! You can read my published stories here.

You might know me from my previous blog, 50ayear, where I read and reviewed fifty books a year. I’m still a big reader, and I will continue to share my favourite reads and bookish discoveries on my new blog.

In the last few years I have discovered a profound love of everything to do with space! I have started studying a second degree, through the Open University, in Astronomy and Planetary Science. I’m sure I’ll be sharing the coolest space facts I can find on my blog!

My day job is as a freelance copywriter, editor and proofreader. If you’re interested in hiring me to read your work and polish your words, you can contact me through my business website, Human Voices.

I was brought up in Cornwall, and I studied English and Creative Writing at the University of Nottingham. During my studies I also spent six months living in Venice, Italy. I now live in Bristol.