Here is the full list of my published stories. There’s all sorts here: sci-fi, horror, romance and literary fiction. I hope you find something you enjoy!

‘Sea Made’ – Flash Fiction Magazine

Ijemma waited for the day she would return to the sea.

‘In Sickness’ – BULL

The back door was locked. Never mind, Adam had a crowbar.

‘Never Change’ – Gold Dust

Chloe pointed at the sharpened tip of her ear and smiled across the table.

‘Out of Boyfriend Experience’ – Every Day Fiction

Party, cigarette in hand, sequinned cocktail dress reflecting the strobe lights.

‘Mother Ate’ – Dissections

Mother called the children for dinner. Grandmother, stooped and long-fingered, followed behind.

‘Our Chimera’ – The Bohemyth

We built a bookcase from the pieces of the crib.