Here is the full list of my published stories. There’s all sorts here: sci-fi, horror, romance and literary fiction. I hope you find something you enjoy!

‘Reginald’s Party’ – After Dinner Conversation, July 2022 issue
Nominated for the O. Henry Prize

For the fourth time that evening, Reginald smoothed his moustache in the mirror.

‘Home is where the heat is’ – Cli-Fi Imaginarium

The morning after the tremors, I woke up to a freezing house.

‘Dinner with Jupiter’ – Luna Station Quarterly

There is a point, when you have been alone for a very long time, that you begin to look for company in anything.

‘How to build a bog’ – Cli-Fi Imaginarium

Step 1: Take a lake.

‘I Choose My Land’ – Cli-Fi Imaginarium

When I was a child, I did not dream that I would stay on this farm.

‘Sea Made’ – Flash Fiction Magazine

Ijemma waited for the day she would return to the sea.

‘In Sickness’ – BULL

The back door was locked. Never mind, Adam had a crowbar.

‘Never Change’ – Gold Dust

Chloe pointed at the sharpened tip of her ear and smiled across the table.

‘Out of Boyfriend Experience’ – Every Day Fiction

Party, cigarette in hand, sequinned cocktail dress reflecting the strobe lights.

‘Mother Ate’ – Dissections

Mother called the children for dinner. Grandmother, stooped and long-fingered, followed behind.

‘Our Chimera’ – The Bohemyth

We built a bookcase from the pieces of the crib.