7 recommendations for Non-Fiction November

If you follow any book lovers on social media, you've probably already heard about Non-Fiction November. The idea is pretty self-explanatory: for the month of November, read only non-fiction! For many people, this is nothing new, but if you're usually a fiction fiend then this is a great challenge to get you reading something different.… Continue reading 7 recommendations for Non-Fiction November

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Interview with science writer Nicky Jenner

A few months ago I read Nicky Jenner's excellent book 4th Rock from the Sun: The Story of Mars. It's a detailed look at all aspects of the red planet, including the science and history of the place, the missions we have sent to visit and stay, the planet's influence on pop culture and our future… Continue reading Interview with science writer Nicky Jenner


Science is a really, really good story

I read two essays by Philip Pullman this morning, from his collection Daemon Voices. The essays were 'Soft Beulah's Night', about William Blake and the importance of magic, and 'Writing Fantasy Realistically', about how fantasy is 'a load of old cobblers' unless it serves the purpose of realism. Reading these two essays, back to back,… Continue reading Science is a really, really good story